What does traveling mean to people?

We were founded with the firm purpose of bringing, and maintaining real, and accessible, travel opportunities to people.
We turn trips into unforgettable experiences, and combine them with business opportunities, thus allowing anyone to achieve success, and the lifestyle they desire.

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by LHC

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Our TRAVEL CLUB’s search feature offers access to the most prestigious brands of HOTELS, FLIGHTS, FLIGHTS+HOTEL, CRUISES, CAR RENTAL.

In our search engine you will find the trips of your dreams, trips that you can experience with other members of the COUNTDOWNTODREAMS movement


A charming country


The country of smile


An unique and unforgettable experience


A nature sanctuary

Do you know what the Members of our Travel Club have to say?

I can only define my Travel Experiences in Panama as “Unforgettable”, a dream trip to be remembered for a lifetime. All arrangements were organized with the utmost professionalism and exquisite treatment. The trip included spectacular activities, boat ride through the Panama Canal, helicopter tour, the best restaurants, etc., and also the opportunity to meet great people.

Thank you, LHC

Daniel Gonzalez, LHC Host

I am happy and grateful to have lived an unforgettable experience. Being on that journey, sharing those moments with friends and partners, all of us excited about the vision we have for this year. It was incredible.

Elizabeth Aguirre, LHC Host

I had one of the best travel experiences of my life with my daughter.

I loved Panama and its beauty at all levels, especially the professionalism and attention to detail that the LHC Travel Club team provided.

And I am sure that we have the best vehicle/SYSTEM/MEANS??? to enjoy both unique trips, and a successful business.

Alexandra Alcivar, LHC Host

I am absolutely certain that with this project, in the next 5 years, I will have traveled halfway around the world, and I will have the financial freedom that I aspire to, I simply know.

George Alvarado, LHC Host

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