LHC was born from the dream and firm purpose of Sebastián Sánchez, CEO of the Company. His dream was to build a company that would respond and solve a general and collective demand, the desire and dream of the majority of people.

He discovered that we dream of traveling to better places, and to travel more often, but the financial factor is a limitation for most of us.

He discovered that travel is part of the ideal lifestyle that we want to build for ourselves. That travel has an impact on people’s life and on personal development.

He discovered that no one was offering an opportunity that would bring travel closer to people, no company was offering a real, accessible and unlimited system for people to travel where they dream, without depending on their current source of income, or their ability to save for vacations.

He thought that building a system that would solve that problem would be a successful project.

In January 2020, Sebastian started working on the idea. After exploring the travel industry in depth, and how the distribution channel worked, he understood that it was possible to build a system that was the solution for what most people want. He created a Travel Wholesaler, designed the most exclusive, differentiating Travel Club, with unique benefits and a system that responded to everything: his Loyalty Points Program. Sebastian then founded LHC, the company that, through Direct Sales (person to person), would market this opportunity.

After 2 years, with a strong investment in human capital, technology, offices, a network of providers around the world, and other resources, LHC opens its doors to serve people from more than 100 countries.


Our purpose is to positively impact people’s lifestyles.

To bring travel closer to people and to maintain travel opportunities accessible to everyone, which allows them to fulfill their dreams, to travel as often as they want, without money being a barrier, as well as to have the opportunity to generate a new source of income for their household, based on residual and recurring income.

To serve as a vehicle, support and opportunity for positive change in people’s lives, improvement of their lifestyle and inspiration for their personal growth.

To create a movement that has an impact on millions of people and to improve society, by adding value to the world, through a change of mentality in people, which would make this world better and fairer.

To be an example of a responsible and useful company, recognized for its values, its genuine and good intentions, to make a contribution for the improvement of society.

To inspire other companies to build or participate in business models that make the distribution of profits fairer and more supportive, that offer an opportunity for people.

To persevere over time as a business concept that represents a universal legacy.

To help people turn their dreams into unforgettable memories, living the best experiences.


Our Identity Sign

At LHC we know that a movement that has a positive impact on millions of people, and causes an improvement in society, adding value to the world and making it better and fairer, must arise from the most noble of Human Beings. Your Values.

The Company was born and grows, on these Pillars, our Values, and they are present in our decisions, in our relationships, in our day to day, within the Corporate and in Our Private Travel Club.

We believe in People and we know that this is the way to endure. Creating sincere relationships, from respect, with humility, with responsible, committed, upright, and honest people.


    We take responsibility for the decisions we make and their consequences..
    Our responsibility begins with Ethics, because being responsible is always doing the right thing.


    Absolute sincerity, if we say that we will do something, it is as if it had already been done. Speaking and doing are the same action.


    We do the right thing, even when no one is watching. We are faithful to commitments.


    We are aware that there is always something to learn, and something to improve.


    Total and firm towards our objectives or goals, both personal and professional. Involvement and commitment to a common challenge entails doing “whatever you have to do”. We will do it for others.


    Total respect for ourselves, and respect for the other person. We are courteous to everyone.


Sebastián Sánchez

Founder & CEO

Javier Manceras

Chief Ethics and Strategy Officer

Sergio Sánchez

Chief Technology Officer – CTO

Ana Parrilla

Chief Product & Operations Officer